3branch magbrowz™ Large Tray (Case of 2 Units), GR03RLT

Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks


Quick Overview

Exterior -- W: 33" x D: 12" x H: 3 ½"
Interior -- W: 31 ¼" x D: 9"
Capacity -- Approx. 60 board books | 100 CDs | 70 DVDs

For board books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, & video games. Perfect for displaying board books and AV materials using existing flat shelves! No installation or tools required.
Product Description
The magbrowz™ large tray specializes in the eye-catching display of board books and AV materials. Just like the bins, it can convert standard flat shelving into "flip-style" face out browsing instantly. Made in the USA.

Proper Usage
  • The magbrowz™ large tray is designed board books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, & video games
  • Use two hands at all times when transporting your magbrowz™
  • Before transporting your magbrowz™ empty materials from it completely.
  • To transport, place fingers inside the handle ports on the sides of your magbrowz™
  • DO NOT drop your magbrowz™, drop damage is not covered under warranty

  • Cleaning
  • Clean the magbrowz™ with a damp soft cloth only. For major cleaning needs, use NOVUS No 1 cleaning solution
  • DO NOT use window cleaning sprays, scouring tools, acetone, benzene, or lacquer thinner
  • Hairline fractures are normal and will occur with use. They DO NOT affect functionality or aesthetic of the magbrowz™
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    Brand Gressco
    Shipping Info
    Lead Time 4-6 Weeks