3branch magstak™ Tall Counter Display w/4-Sided Sign, GR03WCD4

Lead Time: 12-14 Weeks


Quick Overview

Overall -- W: 12 ½" x D: 12 ½" x H: 23 ½"
Module Exterior -- W: 11 ¾" x D: 11 ¾" x H: 10 ¼"
Module Interior -- W: 5 ¾" x D: 5 ¾" x H: 9 ¾"
Capacity -- Approx: 32 books | 56 trade paperbacks

For hardcover books & trade paperbacks. Make your favorite collection of books stand out!
Product Description
The magstak™ tall module is perfect for displaying your week's top picks, newly published, or classic re-reads. Easily add or remove modules instantly to increase, decrease or rearrange your collection with no tools or installation. Materials that are compatible in the standard size module are compatible with the large module too. Made in the USA.

Proper Usage
  • The magstak™ tall module is designed for use with hardcover & paperback books and more.
  • Before transporting, remove any signage and materials from the magstak™ modules entirely.
  • DO NOT transport the magstak™ modules with any materials inside it.
  • DO NOT transport the magstak™ base with any modules on top.
  • Grip the sides of the empty magstak™ modules firmly, to transport.
  • Use two hands at all times when transporting the magstak™ modules.
  • Use only 32 lb paper for 2S signage, to ensure proper fitting into sign base.
  • DO NOT drop your magstak™ modules. drop damage is not covered under warranty.

  • Cleaning
  • Clean your magstak™ with a soft damp cloth. For major cleaning needs, use NOVUS No1 cleaning solution.
  • DO NOT use window cleaning sprays, scouring tools, acetone, benzene, or lacquer thinner.
  • Hairline fractures are normal and occur with use. They DO NOT affect functionality of your magstak™.
  • Additional Info
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    Brand Gressco
    Shipping Info
    Lead Time 12-14 Weeks