"My name is Dennis Edelen, I am a Learning Resources Instructional Assistant with Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Library. For many years now, we have used your Kwik case security system for our extensive DVD and video game collections, keeping these items front and center for our students, faculty, and community. Your system has been elegant, durable, reliable, and has perfectly met the needs of our library - in all ways, it has been outstanding. Thank you for your dedication in supporting libraries, and for a great product that has served us well for many years."

Dennis Edelen
Instructional Assistant 1, Learning Resources
Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus Library


"The Reinert-Alumni Library had moved its DVD and CD collections from behind the Circulation Desk to open stacks, but found the theft rate went up significantly. When we contacted a major library supply company, the customer service representatives recommended the Gressco Kwik Case as the best security housing for these formats. We have been extremely pleased with the results. Our users like being able to examine the text on the original case through the clear, high quality plastic, circulation has gone up, theft has been eliminated, and the cases are easy for the circulation staff to load and open.

We have been so pleased, we recommended them to our Law Library, and the staff there is delighted with the security of the Kwik Cases."

"Thought you would like to know just how well Kwik Case is working at St. Catharines Public Library. We found a Kwik Case stashed in the shelves, with the CD still inside of it. The patron tried very hard to melt the case with a cigarette lighter, but actually ended up melting the CD case into the Kwik Case. They did much damage but were unable to get the CD out of the Kwik Case in spite of this extreme damage.

Until we started using Kwik Case we were experiencing huge thefts with CDs simply being lifted out of the cases. A year ago, in just a three month period we probably lost 110+ CDs. In the past 2-1/2 months, I believe that we have only lost two CDs."

"They are working great! We have cut our theft rate to 0! All of the staff think this was a great investment. We were able to move the DVDs from behind the desk to the storage turntable without having to worry about them being stolen."

"Durability and ease of use are the two features we at Jessamine County Public Library like best about Kwik Cases. Recently our library introduced self checkout systems using RFID technology, and a linked Kwik Case magnetic "Key" on each of the self checkout stations. The ease with which the Kwik Case security systems are used helped in implementing this new technology to better serve our customers."

"Thank you for all your assistance over the past few years, it has been gratefully appreciated. Your products have been exemplary and their sturdy design have served our needs very nicely.
In my 13 years as Administrative Assistant in the Library, I don't recall once hearing of problems with your products."