Kwik Case®

Kwik Case® works with or without a library security system.

With Kwik Case your library’s media is safely and openly displayed within your collection. The clear, strong polycarbonate case provides maximum protection while allowing original package graphics to show through. Because Kwik Case stays in the library, there is no need for time-consuming desensitizing or re-sensitizing security strips.

What are the advantages of using Kwik Case®?

Quality, service and performance have made Kwik Case the number one security case for libraries.

One detacher unlocks the cases with a powerful magnet. Security tags can be attached inside the case–not on your media–eliminating time-consuming desensitizing and re-sensitizing. Kwik Case is made from crystalclear, sturdy polycarbonate to protect and highlight media titles.

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Kwik Case Media Security Case Illustrations